Shrewsbury Sports Village Member Loses 28KG After Taking Up Personal Training Sessions

May 30, 2024 | News

Stuart Crane, a member of the Shrewsbury Sports Village embarked on an incredible weight loss journey after seeing a photo of himself and not liking what he saw.

Stuart started his fitness journey in August 2023, after his weight peaked during a period of depression following the passing of his Father.

After indulging in an unrestricted diet and living a sedentary lifestyle, Stuart found himself weighing 98.8kg with a BMI of 36.4, which left him eager to make a change.

Stuart started by making small changes, such as changing his diet and lifestyle habits, alongside training cardio once or twice a week. After making some progress, he started training four times per week and having personal training sessions with one of our PT's, Chris.

Chris implemented a training plan and helped Stuart gain more confidence in the weights area of the gym, while offering support along the way. 

With his continued dedication and efforts, Stuart now weighs 70.3kg with a BMI of 23.3 and has managed to take his clothes size from XL to Medium.

If you've been motivated by Stuart's story and are interested in personal training, why not enquire here?