What is BOX12?

BOX12 is a 36-minute workout consisting of 12, 3-minute rounds that combine boxing and functional fitness exercises. Be prepared for a fresh challenge with pre-set workouts changing periodically, keeping you engaged each visit.

You will work at around 80-90% of your physical capacity and burn between 500 and 700 calories after a workout. Get all the benefits of boxing without the hurt – get fit, not hit!
It’s a fantastic product, and we are excited to introduce BOX12 to the centre.

For members, BOX12 is at no additional cost. For non-members, the following prices will apply with one session costing £9.

Session times:

Open Sessions

Monday - Friday:






Instructor led sessions:

Tuesday - 7:15pm-8:00pm

Friday - 5:15pm-6:00pm

Evening session times vary due to other classes, please call us on 0345 000 7002 for specific evening session times.

Three sessions

Price: £7 for each session
Total price: £21

Nine sessions

Price: £6 for each session
Total price: £54

Twelve sessions

Price: £5 for each session
Total price: £60

If you have any questions please speak with a member of the team at reception or contact us by clicking the button below.